Medical Tourism

What is medical tourism?

Medical tourism or health tourism is the act of traveling outside their area of residence for health care. Also known as medical travel or health trip. It means flying halfway around the globe, to an exotic culture that patient does not know anything about and will receive medical care at the same time.

Ideal for people without insurance, those needing medical procedures that insurance won’t cover or those needing therapeutic processes that cannot afford local prices. Medical tourism offers an attractive and accessible alternative to rising healthcare costs.

In Platinum Meditours, we are proud to offer products and services for our patients over 70% of savings in comparison to costs in the USA. Medical Tourism Colombia is the best options for those patients seeking healthcare and save money at the same time.

Frequent asked questions

Why patients internationally travel for medical tourism?

Patients are traveling due to the high quality of health care, access to medical care or better availability in other countries. never the less, for the enormous savings amounts, patients can save up to 70% less than in the USA with medical tourism Colombia.

What are the cost savings?

The cost savings can reach 75%

What is a Medical Tourism Facilitator?

A Medical Tourism Facilitator is an independent company that helps coordinate a patient’s trip to another country for medical care. assisting patients at every step of the process, usually, these types of facilitators are two:

  • Pull, medical tourism companies that bring patients from all over the world to one single destination

  • Push, medical tourism companies that take patients from one origin country to other all over the world.

What is the Medical Tourism Facilitator Certification?

It is a certification program developed by the Medical Tourism Association, where they approve medical tourism facilitators who are involved in coordinating patient’s medical care for patient’s traveling from one country to another.

medical tourism colombia
medical tourism colombia
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