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Isla Margarita is located NE of Venezuela just 20 miles of the coast with proximity to the islands of Granada, Trinidad & Tobago and ST Vincent & Granadines. Together with the Island of Cubagua and Isla Coche they form the State of Nueva Esparta. Isla Margarita has an area of 1072 Km2 and 162 km of beaches. Its climate is mostly sunny with temperatures in the range of 22 to 34 Co.

In 1498 Christopher Columbus was the first european to arrive to Isla Margarita, and years later the island was known for the abundance of pearls which inspired the building of villages and towns. The pearls of Isla Margarita & Cubagua represented 30% of the tributes of the new world to the spanish crown. Isla Margarita was the first of the Venezuelan provinces to declare independece on the 4th of May of 1810.

This island played a very important role in the independence of Venezuela from the Spaniards.

It was from here that Simon Bolivar started his third liberation campain in 1816 that resulted in total independence in 1824.

Isla Margarita was declared a Duty-Free Port for Venezuelans which created a vast number of stores of worldwide variety. There are several malls, and shopping centers on the Island some of the most popular are:

Parque Costa Azul: This is one of the modern shopping malls of Venezuela. It has a good selection of branded products and you can also find there all services you may need, such as: banks, supermarket, gym, cinema, travel agency, ferry company, and a huge food fair.

Sambil Mall: This mall is home to very famous brand stores and shops as well as many well-known restaurants. There are banks, call centers, supermarkets among others.

La Vela Mall: Contains many well-known shops and stores, restaurants, banks, café, and clubs.

Margarita has a big choice of beaches. There is one for everyone: With or without waves, with or without crowds, with or without wind, with or without hotels, with or without facilities.

These are the top 5:

Playa Guacuco

One of the fine beaches in Margarita close to Porlamar, coconut trees, not as crowded as other
beaches, with waves. An excellent choice, you should try it.

Playa Parguito

Nowadays one of the fashion beaches. Smaller than Playa El Agua, nice waves, it is the surfer’s
choice. Very good restaurants and kiosks with unsalted water showers.

Playa El Agua

This is Margarita’s most popular beach. Preferred by many. Very long. A round trip walk from one
end to another can take more than one hour. Water sports. Definitely a “must’.

Punta Arenas

For those who are looking for a good beach, nice sand, not so many waves, peaceful, this is
probably your best choice. The long trip from Porlamar (70 km) is definitely worth it.

El Yaque

Just behind the airport is located one of the best windsurfing and kitesurfing spots in the
world. The beach is not so crowded. No waves. Very pleasant, especially if you don’t mind the
wind. Recommended for small children, because it is not deep at all. Nice coconut and palm
trees. Very good restaurants.

Diverland: Theme park with mechanical rides.

Waterland: Where you can swim with dolphins.

Parque El Agua: Water park with water slides. It has 45.000 m2 of areas and attractions for
adults and children.

Tropical Labyrinth: A huge garden with the shape of a labyrinth where you can admire the nature of the island as well as some tropical animals.

Musipan: Theme park with water slides, salt water swimming pools, restaurants, ice cream shop, town for children, cinema, theater and more.

Biking: Try renting a bike and exploring the island. Between the paved and off-road options, biking here can be a lot of fun. To bike in the mountains, your best bet is the Macanao Peninsula.

Surfing: Without doubt, surfing is among the most popular sports activities on Margarita Island. The northern and eastern coast lines of the island provide surfers with decent size swells.

Windsurfing and Kitesurfing: If you like to get wet and wild there are a lot of places that have equipment for windsurf and kitesurf, each one has its trainer, equipment to rent, and classes.

Scuba diving: Margarita Island is surrounded by the islands of Coche and Cubagua and Los Frailes, some good places to go scuba diving.

Golf: Isla Margarita can boast of its own golf club and it can be quite an inexpensive day at the course for those so inclined. The golf club features 18 holes, with scenic ocean and mountain

Fishing: Whether from the beach or deep sea, fishing is one of the most relaxing and exciting sports activities for any age.

Kayaking: Kayaking adventures are a great way to get in touch with nature. The Restinga peninsula in the western region of the island offers a unique opportunity to view Margarita Island´s flora and fauna. Also, a must-do activity!

Isla Margarita is known for the good restaurants and a unique gastronomy. The variety of international style restaurants blend with the surge of local cusine places that have inspired famous events like Margarita Gastronomica, a 30 days festival that shows the best of the traditions, dishes and products of Isla Margarita.
Restaurant Guide:

Porlamar: La Casa de Ruben, El Remo, Lobster House, Dolphin, La Vaquera, Mosaico, Il Nonno, Gaia

Pampatar: Amaranto, Casa Caranta, Fondeadero, Portarosa, Juana La Loca

La Asuncion: Casa Jardin, Guillermina, El langar de Sumito, la Repisa

Juangriego: El Carapacho, El Buho, El Viejo Muelle, La Nonna

El Yaque: Beach Bar el Yaque, Il Gato, Sharks, Deliras

Playa Parguito: Beach Bar Parguito, Taho, Cosme

Areperas: Arepas Hermanos Moya.

Venezuela’s currency is the Bolivar Fuerte (VEF). Foreign currency can be changed at the airport, and in some Hotels.

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