Frequent asked questions

1. Is it safe to travel to receive medical care outside my home country?

No medical procedure is 100% risk-free, anywhere in the world. However, Platinum Meditours works with certified and internationally accredited clinics and doctors. Maintaining quality, professionalism and aesthetics standards, providing the security our patients require.

2. What services are NOT included?

Personal expenses

SPA sessions

Rehabilitation therapy (if necessary)

Extra nights

Companion expenses

Additional drugs

Local tour packages

3. Does the patient can bring one or more companions?

Yes, we suggest that they do. It gives them the necessary support and company but is not required (companion has additional fee)

4. Are there financing options?

Yes, Platinum Meditours works with United Medical Credit , where patients can get different financing options

5. How many days prior the medical procedure do I need to be at destination?

It depends on the medical procedure and the destination. In the planning stage, the doctor’s instructions will be communicated to the patient, on how many days prior treatment or medical procedure is required to be at the destination. Usually, 24-72 hours before the process.

6. How many days after the medical procedure do I have to stay at destination?

10-15 days is the average time for an optimal process and a successful medical trip. However, the length may vary depending on the treatment/process, the recovery and doctors discharge.

7. What is our privacy policy and patient’s data protection?

Platinum Meditours has stringent patient privacy rules. All our forms and platforms are secured. We will not share personal or medical information of any patient without prior authorization (The process is safe and in compliance with HIPAA regulations) www.hipaatraining.com

8. How does Platinum Meditours choose their suppliers?

We select our partners and suppliers through an extensive and careful process. We seek the highest quality standards (ISO 9001) in each of them. Facilities and doctors are selected according to factors such as experience, available procedures, equipment used, patient experience, customer service, location, results, accessibility, among others. We make sure of each vendor making a personal visit to the facilities with our team.

9. What patients are more likely to use medical tourism?

The patients most likely to use medical tourism are those whose insurance does not cover the medical procedure, there are occasions where the deductible is higher than expected, lengthy waiting lists, therapeutic method is not available in the country or area of patient residence, or just cannot afford the high cost of the procedure, medical tourism is the solution.

10. Does the doctor, hospital, or nursing staff speak my language?

Our staff is trained in English and Spanish. However, for patients who do not speak the local languages (Spanish or other), we will assign trained staff in their native language (usually English). We take the necessary precautions and work with bilingual physicians and hospitals, providing comfort and safety our patients require.

11. Whom should I contact in case of an emergency?

Platinum Meditours has a support staff at every destination; each patient is assigned to an internal system of personalized service, which will provide them with a local cell phone during the stay, which included a list of emergency contacts.

12. What are the payment instructions?

Our medical procedures or treatments are planned (1-2 months minimum). Therefore the total or partial payment is requested in advance. Through transfer, deposit, check or credit card. The respective terms and conditions of payment are set out in Platinum Meditours contract.

If the patient chooses financing payment, the terms are set by United Medical Credit, depending on the profile and credit history of the applicant.

13. Is it safe to travel long distances after a surgical procedure?

The patient is informed and guided regarding postoperative instructions from their doctor. Safe return to patient’s country of origin is prepared after proper medical discharge, ensuring patient safety. No patient is allowed to fly long distances back if not previously authorized by the specialist.

14. What happens when I return home?

We will provide the patient with a complete overview of the procedure, results, and instructions. Which can be handled if necessary to patient’s doctor in their country of origin. Our staff stays in close contact with the patient, to provide appropriate follow-up until the patient is fully recovered.

15. What do I need to bring for my trip?

  • Valid passport (90 to 180 days from the day of entry or planned departure date)
  • Some countries require Visa
  • Medical information and laboratory tests (if any)
  • Copies/originals of all medical reports and details of medication
  • CD copies of any scanner and MRI / CT / ECHO (if any)
    Any referral notes from your doctor
  • All medications (and glucometer if you use one)
  • Glasses / contact lenses
  • Contact information for friends, family, hotels, doctors, embassies, and airlines
  • Camera
  • Comfortable pajamas
  • Comfortable clothing (for use after the procedure)
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