Affordable medical tourism packages
Affordable medical tourism packages
Affordable medical tourism packages

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Affordable Medical Tourism Packages:


  • Surgery Medical expenses, operating room, professional fees, support personnel, supplies, and drugs (Implants, waistband, support bra and band, if necessary)

  • Hospital expenses

  • Airplane ticket

  • Hotel accommodation

  • All transfers (Airport, Hotel, and Hospital included)

  • Pre-operative Medical evaluations and consultations before the surgery

  • Post-operative Controls and consultations after the surgery

  • International medical traveler insurance (Individual and companion services, travel & medical complication benefits)

  • Companion (extra charge)

  • Spa service Recommended for post-operative plastic surgery procedures (extra charge)

  • Local tours (extra charge)

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How does it work?

Platinum Meditours offers a variety of affordable medical tourism packages,  the Process Stages consist of:

Budget request

For this first stage, we will ask you for specific and personal information (HIPPA privacy and confidentiality rules apply) regarding the procedure that you want to perform.With no commitment, you will receive a FREE and personalized quote for the full package.

We will follow you up immediately to ensure we understand your requirements and see if we could address any initial questions you may have.

Travel Preparation / Contract

Once approved, we will begin to prepare your travel journey. Medical history and personal information are required at this stage, depending on the procedure, photos can be requested (HIPPA privacy and confidentiality rules apply). The data depends on the physician and the procedure.

We will arrange a video conference (Skype), for the first consultation with your physician, the patient can answer all of his/her inquiries directly with the doctor.

At destination

Upon arrival, a member of our staff will be waiting at the airport to welcome, assist and transport you to the Hotel. On the next day, our staff will escort you to the hospital for pre-operative consultations and the first personal meeting with the doctor and medical staff.

Operation Day

After your surgery or cosmetic procedure is performed, and with Doctor’s authorization, you will be taken back to the hotel for resting. Given with full instructions of the performed procedure for the recovery stage.

At this stage, if you wish and feeling right, you can enjoy the local and tourist attractions, or just relax and unwind for the rest of your stay.

Final phase

The process ends with the post-operative visit to the doctor’s office, where he/she will evaluate your full recovery, discharge you and provide you with all medical examinations, records, and instructions related, in case you need a medical history report back home. A member of our staff will escort you back to the airport, and we will be in contact you to follow up your proper and successful recovery.



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