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Affordable healthcare abroad

We are a medical tourism company; in Platinum Meditours we believe that affordable healthcare abroad is possible, we specialize in the organization of treatments and medical procedures outside the United States. Our job is to provide the highest quality regarding healthcare to our patient’s, guaranteeing savings over local costs (even 70% less). We work with top rank and qualified professionals in South America, internationally accredited doctors, hospitals, medical centers, health centers, and hotels. We offer a variety of medical procedures, that adapt to all of our patient’s necessities; plastic surgery, dentistry, eye care, aesthetic medicine, among others.


Safety is our priority; we focus our attention on our patient’s satisfaction, guaranteeing positive outcomes and exceeding their expectations. Our experience gives us the confidence and expertise to handle the best medical attention for our patients. With more than 20 years of experience within our team, Platinum Meditours is the best option for affordable cosmetic medical care abroad. For more information about us, we are members of the Medical Tourism Association and Global Healthcare.

Our Procedures

Plastic Surgery




Eye Care


Aesthetic Medicine



Become a globally preferred medical tourism facilitator. For our quality, attention, professionalism, and service. Generating well being and positive changes to our patients.


Change, enrich and improve the lives of our patients is our priority. Through a travel experience and medical intervention, which will revolutionize their appearance. Giving them the confidence and security they’ve always wanted.

 Why choose us?

In Platinum Meditours we guarantee savings over local costs, affordable healthcare abroad is our motto. We provide international health insurance coverage, financial support, qualified staff and facilities, personal assistance, among others. Platinum Meditours is a certified member of the Medical Tourism Association and Global Health Care.

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